Among the Planes, Raleon is known as the world of naming. In Raleon, words, phrases, names, and titles bear more weight than on other realms. In fact, in Raleon, the fate of kingdoms, families, romances and grudges can be decided with the power of words. No utterance is secret, and no phrase is without power.

In this world, magic is an art that is forbidden, and the mages themselves are a secretive bunch who hide away in the deepest parts of the Kokori mountains or the Plains of Ishirak. Magic is the expulsion of the power of words, a power that is best kept subdued according to the Templars, an ancient order of knights claiming that magic is the bane of existence and must be snuffed out if the name of Raleon is to be kept intact.

No greater threat to the world is known than the loss of one’s name. There are legends, from children’s fables to religious rites, detailing the fate of those who become Nihilans, the Nameless. Without names, the world removes itself from their presence. Trees sway and sway under their breath as if trying to escape. Water boils away at their foot falls, and all the words they utter escape their lips with the force of hurricanes.

Raleon is place if great imbalance. The rich are rich beyond measurement, but the poor are poor beyond compare. A brilliant castle, lined with gold and alabaster will sit next to a prison wherein countless innocents are being tortured endlessly. A party celebrating birth will be held in the same building as a public execution. A murder will happen one room away from a midwifes birthing chamber. The power of words is easy to claim, and hard to lose. Those who can read and write are scarce, normally only existing in the upper class of nobles, who speak in the ancient tongue that the world is named. They can do all, control all. What they inscribe becomes real, and few, if any, are kind.

This world is a world sick and dying, and only heroes of remarkable clarity will be able to fight their way through to the core of this planet and unravel the spell that holds the very planet in place.


Raleon Chronicles: I; The Mirror Shard Prophecy DJArrow1